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Books by John Carl Nelson, published by World History Maps, Inc.

Historical Atlas of the Great Khans: Mongol Wars and Conquests 1160-1304

A handful of times in the history of the world, a previously obscure people, living on the fringes of civilization, burst upon the scene and within a short time changed the course of history. One of the most spectacular of these peoples were the Mongols of the Thirteenth Century. Explore the history of the Mongols and their far-ranging conquests as never before with John Carl Nelson’s fascinating new book Historical atlas of the Great Khans.


Visually stunning and packed with information, Historical Atlas of the Great Khans is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the Mongols, their wars, their conquests, and their empire.


  • Unprecedented detail, 248 individual maps instead of the usual 3 or 4.
  • Each map focuses on a specific operation and time, to explore it in more detail.
  • All maps drawn using GIS technology
  • Limited text allows more space for the maps themselves.
  • Twenty pages of detailed chronology.
  • Comprehensive index includes details about persons and places.

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Historical Atlas of the Eight Billion: World Population History 3000 BCE to 2020

Explore the History of World Population Growth as never before with John Carl Nelson’s fascinating new book Historical Atlas of the Eight Billion. Based on the recent population estimates and GIS technology, Eight Billion shows how each of the regions and countries of the world compare to each other and over different periods of time. It tells the story of how our population got to where we are today.


Maps for each of 32 time periods show:

  • The size of the population in each region
  • The changes in each region from the previous period
  • The largest countries and largest cities of the world at that time

Text for each of the 32 time periods show:

  • A summary of the developments during the period
  • A list of the largest countries and largest cities
  • A table of the regions showing percentages

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